OT: free CAM, suggestion?

I’m entering in the big CNC world with a very small machine.
I was wondering if someone can suggest me a good CAM.
Best would be a free solution, or inexpensive one’s.
I need only 3 axis.

You can try FreeMILL, but this software is really very limited with respect to toolpath creations and milling strategies.
The another question is post-processors.

You might find something in here… --Mitch

Thanks Mitch,
very complete forum ! I’ll look into.

I’ve tried freemill but it’s limited in orthogonal path that’s very not enough.
OpenCam it’s even worst like Pycam.

Anyone knows or use HeeksCnc ?

RhinoCAM Std is pretty good for basic CAM, but it does carry a $1000 price tag. For less expensive, you might have a look at Deskproto. They have very low priced entry-level CAM, I don’t think you will find better price/performance at that level.


Hi Riccardo, do you have the hardware already? There are various bundles which run out of the box and well integrated in Rhino which may save a lot of hassle. About 10 years ago I bought a MDX from Roland and was pretty happy with it.

Yes I have the machine, it’s kind of prototype we were testing for a company, so I cant get any bundle offers on this. Thanks

Thanks, again.
I’ll look into your suggestion. Both look good and not expensive.

Hey, I’m looking to get CAM software too (preferably free). What did you end up going with? How did you like Pycam? Currently that is my only option since it is free. @skysurfer