Osnaps have all of a sudden stopped working?

Just updated to the latest version of Rhino 6 and osnaps no longer work? Osnaps are turned on, end, mid, cen, int, perp, all turned on, but when I type in command “move” and move mouse to end, int, mid, nothing is detected. Any thoughts? Snap radius is set to 15 pixels.

Disable is not checked?

You’re not pressing and holding Alt?

No, not pressing alt. One strange observation is that the Cen (center) osnap appears to be working while all of the others are not?

Is this happening in one file or all files, even a new one?

Hello - check Options > Modeling Aids to see if all the snap settings are as you expect - Snap to occluded objects for example.


I tried it on a new file and still didn’t work. I then reset the modeling aid settings. I noticed that when I selected near an intersection or midpoint the pickbox wasn’t highlighting, but Rhino appeared to be selecting the intersection and/or midpoint. I was looking in Rhino Options for something else to mess with and discovered the “Advanced” settings. I scrolled down to "Rhino.Options.ModelAid.MousePickBox.Radius and clicked the “Set to Default Box.” I’m not sure if that was the actual solution, but things appear to be back to normal now. Is there a way I could have accidentally reset the pickbox size?