OSNAP disable mid-drawing

Just staring here with Rhino so forgive me if there is a simple solution here I have nt found .-
Coming from an Autocad / Vectorworks background , I m looking for a keyboard shortcut / the possibility to create a shortcut for OSNAP disable .- but mid tool selection .
i.e. after I have selected and have initially started to uase a drawing tool / function
I see of course OSNAP disable - but this only seems to work as a function where I have to decide previously and step out of all other operations to toggle .

thanks for any suggestions

Just hold down the Alt key to temporarily suspend osnaps… But you should also be able to disable the osnaps from the osnap toolbar in the middle of an operation without interrupting it…


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Hi David- the easiest is Mitch’s suggestion of holding down Alt to temporarily disable OSnaps, but the DisableOSnap command is nestable, so an alternative would be to assign this macro to an alias or shortcut key:

'_DisableOSnap _Toggle


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alt as temp disable key -i think thats the one I was looking for,.
at least the definable option is there