OS X El Capitan - release

so with 10.11 releasing tomorrow (sept30)

… is it advisable to hold back for a while re:rhino -or- go ahead and update?


(personally interested in Maps.app with the new public transit features… but can obviously hold off if it’s going to affect my modeling ; )

I expect some opinion on how it behaves Rhino on El Capitan. Thank you.

As of September 30, the 5.0.2 release warns that “the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed” when Rhino is started on El Capitan for the first time. This does not happen on earlier releases of OS X.

This can be circumvented by option-clicking the Rhinoceros application, selecting Open in the context menu, then click Open in the warning dialog that appears.

There is a second 5.1 release candidate available today that has this fixed.

Both the 5.0.2 version and the 5.1 release candidate run fine on OS X El Capitan.


Most McNeel technicians and developers can not move to El Capitan because of compatibility issues with development and support software we rely on to do our jobs.

This means that those of you the venture forth and go for the upgrade, may be flying without much a safety net for a while until the incompatible software we use has been updated.


thanks fellas.
idk, i’ll put it on one computer and see how it goes.

Loading it up on my WIP system for testing. Let you know in a few hours.

Previous WIP and current version function OK in El Capitan. I did however suffer a total email failure after upgrading. Seems Apple have some issues over El Capitan being very fussy handing over accounts from Yosemite. For reference disabling and enabling the accounts sorted the problem for now.

i have been on the beta for el capitan for a few months. i have had only one issue pop up which was a zooming problem with rhino. i posted this awhile back actually forgetting that i was even on the beta program lol. once the last beta version was released the zoom issue went away. i have seen no other issues with it but i also dont use every aspect of the software like alot of you guys do.

i have discovered two issues of el capitan release and rhino:

  1. no icons of left/right sidebars on the toolbar (only in 5.0.2 5A865, no such glitch in WIP)
  2. it takes about 20 seconds to load tool palettes in Command Prefs and when i try to duplicate Tool Palettes Set, Rhino hangs up (pinwheel and app is not responding). Both 5.0.2 and WIP.

This will be fixed in the 5.1 update…as you noticed, no glitch in the WIP.

Hrmmmm. This might not be something we can fix. I’ll have to check. It takes about 7 seconds to duplicate a tool palette collection on my Mac Book Pro (early 2013). It does complete the operation, though, right? It just takes forever (20 seconds seems like forever), correct?

No, it does not complete. I meant that it completely hangs up when i’m trying to duplicate set. 20-30 seconds to open command editor and load all the icons. On the same MBPmid2010 OS 10.8.5 there are no such bugs at all. It takes about 3 secs to copy set (SSD drive)

Ouch. Ok, we’ll take a look (MR-2347). Thanks for clarifying.

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Hi Jeff, what are your experiences, I may update today or tomorrow. Thanks and just a yea or nay will suffice, in regards to using \rhino WIP or 5.02.

in my experience so far on an imac… it’s totally fine to upgrade… while running the particular programs i use, i can’t tell a difference between yosemite and el capitan.

Thanks, I have to spend time on Rhino for Windows doing some T-Splines stuff, so my Mac is sitting idle.

FWIW , I have updated yesterday and can’t really tell any difference between 10.10 and 10.11.
Well… my VMWare Fusion machine refuses to launch now, but that shouldn’t affect Rhino.
5.0.2 runs OK.

Thanks everyone, it seems fine so far. I haven’t done my home computer yet.

Yep El Capitan working here on my main system now. I had an initial problem with the SpacePilot, but 3D Connexion have a new driver release and this is a vast improvement. I am not even seeing the cumulative sluggish movement I expereienced before. Very happy for now :sunglasses:


Kinda off topic, but do you usually do a clean install for every upgrade or do you install on top of previous system. I usually make a clean install but I’m a bit busy right now and I’m thinking about doing a fast install… Thanks

I did a fast install on my WIP and email machine, but a clean install on my CAD machine. No real issues either way other than an email problem as mentioned.