Compatibility with MacOS High Sierra 10.13

Hi, with the release of MacOS High Sierra 10.13 with the Metal 2 GPU framework just around the corner, I was wondering if Rhino 5.+ for OSX is compatible? Has anyone tried it on any betas or the newly released Golden master!? Thanks.

I tested a few minutes until now and it runs well with the official release High Sierra.

So far it looks OK, but until there’s an official released version, we won’t be able to test it.

heads up… High Sierra officially released today (Sept25).

Then our Mac developers will probably be downloading and testing it between coding tasks.
Nobody wants to be on the “bleeding edge”, eh?

oh… was just meaning to provide information that Apple has moved macOS 10.13 out of beta to official public release.

We have been testing Mac Rhino, both the 5.3.2 commercial release and the RhinoWIP versions, against various macOS High Sierra beta versions during the beta testing cycle. We have not seen any problems.

That said, several Mac columnists suggest delaying an immediate upgrade to macOS High Sierra. Andrew Cunningham writes:

I’ve been using High Sierra for months, and I’ll continue to use it. I think the vast majority of people who decide to upgrade on day one will be essentially fine. But if it’s at all possible for you, you should wait for version 10.13.1 or 10.13.2 to update to High Sierra.

Aside from the fact that you’ll keep getting security (and Safari) updates in Sierra, I make this recommendation for three reasons:

  • The number of user-facing improvements is small. The Photos app gets the biggest overhaul, and it’s a good one, but otherwise you’re not missing very much.
  • Some things just aren’t done. APFS won’t work on Fusion Drives. External graphics support is usable but not finished. iMessage on iCloud isn’t here yet. The new Metal-powered windowserver is still intermittently buggy.
  • Even with fully finished, bug-free features, Apple has been clear that these are foundational updates. Meaning: cool, user-visible stuff will be built on top of them in future releases, but that stuff isn’t here yet.


If you upgrade, make sure you have good backups and make sure you’re OK with doing a clean-install if anything goes bad. But assuming you’re still running El Capitan or Sierra and you’re happy with how your system is running right now, this year in particular is a good one to sit back and let other people work out the bugs before you dive in.

Ars Technica is well known for their exhaustive geeky reviews of each new macOS release. Read the whole thing if you are curious (and geeky).


Anyone upgrading to High Sierra with a Space Mouse, be aware the interface becomes very unstable. My SpacePilot Pro is suffering from drift and upsetting other applications whilst its plugged into my Mac. I hope 3DConnexion will have an updated driver before too long. If anyone knows how to set a larger dead band around the neutral position this would also help.

Hmmm, having just checked the 3DConnexion forum they are pretty much saying they don’t support High Sierra yet.

Well, thats even more weird… Changing my USB port cured the drift !!! I can only think it forced the driver to re-initialize the SpacePilot. Calibrate didn’t work and plugging the device in and out of the same USB port also didn’t work.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll be far away from High Sierra.
3D Connexion assistance always responds in the same way. Not supported on Mac. The only officially supported product is SpaceNavigator. I would like to know when we will have a SpaceMouse fully compatible with Rhino Mac (and with all options). But I gave up asking.