Ortho function in YZ or XZ direction



When I use the ortho function in the perspective view in Rhino, I only seem able to move the cursor in the X-Y direction. I would like to use the ortho function also in the YZ or XZ direction. Is there a possibility to set the ortho function in other directions? I have searched the manual and the forum, but could find any reference or solution.

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(Wim Dekeyser) #2

You can use the AutoCPlane script that lets you work on the YZ and XZ CPlanes in the perspective view.
There have been different versions of this script but I like this one best:
AutoCPlane.py (9.0 KB)

I have my Swap Angle set at 15°.

Note that this function is built-in in the WIP for Rhino 6 as the OneView command.


Thanks, this works perfectly.