Origami tool: Shifting points

Hello Forum.
I working on a tool to create a cylindrical origami repeating pattern (see the snapshot):

I’m struggling to create the diagonal line as shown in the screenshot below. I can’t create the third line for the triangle…which will be turned into a surface

Cylinder star.gh (18.9 KB)
I’ve tried various ‘Shift’ commands but no joy.
Any pointers would be most welcome.

As a second point: Ultimately, I’m trying to develop an adaptable origami tool, I’m doubtful if my Grasshopper solution is the most effective approach to end up with the tool I want. Any insights into this would be most welcome.
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shift is the one you’re looking for
you can form the surface without generating that particular Line

forum_star.gh (14.0 KB)

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Hello there Will_Wang.
Thank you for your solution with this issue…and apologies for my belated reply.
It seems I was too far off.
Your solution is great!
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