Orient all planes around a curve the same way

How can I orient all of my planes generated by the curve frame component in the same direction? I want all of my planes oriented so that x is aligned to the curve and y is oriented perpendicular and facing outward. Currently the y axis alternates with some facing outward and others inward. Thanks!

ruled_lines.gh (21.2 KB)


If you use Perp Frames instead of Curve Frames you will get planes with their Z axis (blue) aligned to the curve and X/Y axes (red and green) perpendicular to the curve. But their direction is dependent on curvature unless you re-align them otherwise.

Here’s one way…

ruled_lines_re.gh (19.2 KB)

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This works because both your curves happen to be planar…

ruled_lines_2022Feb9a.gh (11.8 KB)

Wow, that’s a very elegant solution. Thank you!