Orientation of VA-Element to Current Cplane

Hi, I am using different CPlanes in my project, then I need to orient the level codes aligned to “Current Cplane”. previously, VA team said this is solved, but its not working even on 2.8 I wonder if you could help me on this. thanks.

Hi AKD, can you point out where this issue was discussed, so I can track it down?

Hi @AKD,

The orientation to the current CPlane has not been solved in 2.8.
What has been solved is to allow planes as Position input in the Element and Furniture Grasshopper components. This allows to orient them to a plane when creating them through GH.


We can fix the orientation to the current CPlane when placing an Element (without Grasshopper) in future versions. We will let you know!

Kind regards

Hi @AKD ,

Version 2.9 of VisualARQ has been released and from this version generic elements (_vaElement) take into account the current CPlane when placed in the model space.

Kind regards