How to rotate level CPlanes?

Quick question:
In the vaLevels, one can set the CPlane to a level by clicking the icon.
But how can this CPlane be rotated? I’d like to have a ‘project north’ besides ‘true north’.
Is there a way to tell VA to remember the z-rotation of the whole building?

Problem is, the slabs I want to create are aligned to ‘true north’ (=world xy) instead of the grid (=project north) I see in the viewport.

Best regards

Hi @Eugen,

You can first rotate the CPlane using the CPlane command. Then, clicking on the CPlane icon in the level manager will only change the elevation (z value) of this level while keeping the x-axis, the y-axis and the center unchanged.


Thank, I see, good to know.
The problem is then maybe a different one: slabs (or roofs etc.) seem not to respect the active CPlane during creation.

screenshot CPlane Slab

Shouldn’t they?

Yes, they should follow the CPlane axes, so there is a bug in these commands. We’ll fix this.

As a workaround, create a rectangle curve using the Rectangle command, and the use this curve to create the slab, using the vaSlab command with the FromCurve option.


Allright, thank you!