Orientating frames correctly

necdevice_211213_C03.3dm (585.9 KB)
texture.gh (11.1 KB)

Hi I am a beginner in grasshopper and I can never get the frames to be in orientation.

I am trying to create frames horizontal to the red lines and perpendicular to the blue lines, all in the same orientation.

A little help will be greatful.

Always having trouble figuring out how to do this…

I wonder how you would be able to make planes perpendicular to the blue line and horizontal to the red lines at the same time?

Do you mean X-axis to the red and Y-axis to the blue? and it seems red lines and the blue curve are not even perpendicular to each other…

And what do you mean by “horizontal to the red lines”? a line is just a line and there could be numerous planes that are horizontal to it.

Hi HS_Kim

Thank you for responding, you are absolutely right, my question was all messed up.

What I’m trying to do is orienting frame with X-axis to the red line and Y-axis perpendicular to the surface at the midpoint.

necdevice_211213_C03.3dm (565.8 KB)
texture.gh (9.1 KB)

Like this?

texture_reV1.gh (20.0 KB)


texture_reV2.gh (20.6 KB)

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The second one was what I had in mine but both absolutely works.
Thank you so much for your help!!!