Orienting a cross section in two directions

I’m working on making a bench that is built from long and thin pieces of what follows a path defined by the cross-sections of the form of the bench. the problem is the when orienting the planes they do get positioned perpendicularly to the sweep lines, however, the XY angle is off. I managed to get the tangent lines for each of the points but I need to reset the perpendicular planes to 0 to rotate them correctly.

see picture:

The goal to have them all aligned to the cross-section and the sweep line

Use this Perpendicular frames


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You need to create the planes from origin, x axis and y axis with construct plane component, in such a way that the xaxis always have the same direction and the y axis is perpendicular to x axis and tangent at that location. The Peacock’s Frame component do this by using a geometry to reference orientation via closest point, as an aligner. In your case it can be the center of the section or an offset if they are always planar curves.