Orient not working well for setting plane data

Small bug in current GH, setting plane data in orient does not work well or sometimes not at all. I kept running into the orient widget not aligning to my last snap point. Instead it would go off on a 45 degree angle, it’s like GH is trying to respect the active cplane instead of letting the users 3 points over ride it and decide where the orient plane should be.

Can you send the GH file please? I’d like to take a look.

Will do at some point tonight. I’ll send to your email as it’s a project I’m working on
Thanks for the quick reply.

Or just copy and past the components relative to the orient into a new GH file. I just want to make sure I see what you do before assuming the set up.

Here’s the files, open the .3dm and the Gh file together, I’ve attached a few notes. I’m working on a bowl back mandolin case that will be made out of heavy cardboard. In the file the case is in it’s unfolded state and Gh creates the folded model.
Incidentally I’ve run into other problems with orient where If I move the curves the orient object looses position and rotation and does not update properly.



Heres a further simpler example @BrianJ


Hi RM,

I would handle it this way with pts personally. Does that make sense?


In the above simpler example I see what may have gone wrong, I cleared the values in the rotate axis component and reselected the curves and now it works without the glitch, perhaps a rouge curve was referenced.

Yes that makes sense. Thanks for the example it really helps to see how others handle these situations.