No Orient3p?

Is Orient3p missing in GH, or am I just blind?

I can make a Plane 3Pt, and then map an object to this plane.
But this way I lose the orientation.

Any ideas?

I’m using this one

That’s what I meant by remap.
But it is not enough.

My object to transform is on the world top cplane.
The planes which I want to orient to are rotated in space.
And I have 3 points.
I have to orient the object to these 3 points.
I wouldn’t need a cplane for this.

Because I couldn’t find Orient3p I made a plane through the 3 points.
When I only use the GH orient, then the 3 points are not in the game.

These planes are also rotated by 3 points. It works like orient3pt command in rhino.

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Wow, that is clever.
Works good, thank you.