Orient Item

So i got that custom made sphere and imported it to tekla as component its insertion axes is parallel to global z at any point i want it at some places to be rotated to get faces on the sphere aligned to the members as in first pic … I tryed to follow that tutorial on grasshopper yt channel and nothing happened
also i want to make cut part with that component how can this be possible … much thanks

Hi mohammed,

Not sure exactly how the faces are distributed, but I would perhaps make a version of that sphere/component where one of the faces is perpendicular to the axis of insertion. That way you can align the component’s axis with one of the members and get one face right when placing it. Then using the Beam Rotation component with another member as the up-direction you can align it with two members (the beam rotation output angle goes into the Position component that you’re presumably using for the Component component).

The Part cut component will require a part as the cutting part, so use the Deconstruct Component to find the parts of the component in the Created Objects output.



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Hi, I’m afraid I don’t have access to Rhino right now, I’ll be travelling without my laptop until next Tuesday.


i hope you reach safe, thanks for your replies.