Organizing small volumes inside bigger volume

hi guys,
so I have a certain volume, in size of 74,450 m^3

I also have cube with area of 35m^2, with volume of 121 M^3.
I’m planing to insert about 370 “cubes” like this in the big volume, and i want to see how thus cubes would be arranged in the volume.
what should i do in order to get it?

I hope its clear enough.

I would suggest a controlled Voxel creation (C# shown below does a recursive Box subdivision and is real-time [more or less]). This appears easy … but maybe could become quite tricky.

Like (2 recursion “resolutions” on display):

hmm, i’m sorry but I don’t understand what you are showing me in this images…

Simple: given a Mesh/Brep List and having either a Box module in mind (with given dimensions) or a Box Subdivision Policy you can “divide” items in the List and get a collection of Boxes that “fit” on a per List item basis.

So the “fit” is - somehow - the inverse of what you have in mind: Is made by subdivion (recursive) instead of some other Method.

Obviously the whole approach is designed in order to work with any Geometry: say a Blob, a BrepFace … or even a linear Curve (in this case we can talk about a 3d “pixelization” of a Curve) .

BTW: Maybe using 3D Curves could make the whole approach more clear:

BTW: Remember that “fitting” a Box module within any Geometry is always an approximation.

look man, I’m sorry, but I stiil don’t understand what you are telling me.
from the images it seems that i need to use C# and I have no clue about C#.

in that case marry a rich girl it says.

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