Organizing custom toolbars

Is there a way to organize a custom toolbar? I am running into an issue where the users here want to have the icon and text next to it. There are too many commands in it so it is vertically too tall. I have tried to split it into multiple tabs but when I do that, the multiple tabs are not visible unless I widen the toolbar’s panel horizontally. When I do that, it wraps the icons/text continuously onto as few lines as possible. This makes it look unorganized and the separators disappear.

Is there a way to set it up so that all commands would be displayed in maybe two or tree columns to stay more organized? See below.

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Yep- this is ‘the way it is’ for now, I’m afraid. Can you make multiple, completely separate toolbars work? I’ll add your comments to our bug tracker…



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I can, and am going to for now I think.

Thanks for adding it in.

It would be great if there is an “no wrap option” or option to fix the button position in the future.

“no wrap option” or option to fix the button position

sorry, Rhino seems to already have this,
Tools > Options > Button Options > Cascade as menu .
I had to check it before post my comment.