Organic wooden wall art

hello dear community

I come across this wall art again and again, and it fascinates me every time I see it. The lines, the holes and the fine transition to the solid wood. just beautiful :slight_smile:

But now the time has come that I have decided to create this kind of art with grasshopper.
And now the big problem starts, I have no idea how and where to start creating this organic form.
My first thought is that it’s a kind of voronoi, but somehow I’m not that sure about it.
If any of you have any ideas, tips or maybe even a solution, I am very grateful

Kind regards
G. Schmidt

Wood Wall art

it is always good to give reference. For me it look like Rebal Jber @rebal_jber awesome work

To replicate this I would use Kernel Edge Bundling.

You wake me up Laurent ! :rofl:

hello Laurent

I took a look at Rebal Jber’s work, he has some things that I like very much and also some that I have already seen, but didn’t know that these were from him.
Thanks for this advice.

I downloaded the one GH file and played around with it for a good while. I like it very much, but my computer runs hot all the time :slight_smile:
I will definitely be milling something with this definition in the near future, even if my computer is running hot :wink:

I once tried to move the drawn lines in the Z direction in order to generate the effect of the holes in the wood, but unfortunately didn’t have the desired effect.
I then thought of attractor points but unfortunately I have no idea where I can insert it and it then works, various attempts unfortunately failed.

When trying to smooth the tips of the knots so that it results in a nice line like in the first picture, to my disappointment I had to find out that I am quite overwhelmed at the moment. :woozy_face:

I hope you can still help me to achieve my goal.
maybe there is a more computationally gentle variant :sweat_smile:

With kind regards (29.7 KB)

What about this?

I don’t see any point at all in following that link you posted :question: