Ordered curves over the mesh - Grasshopper

Good morning,

I have a need and I would like your help.

I receive a .stl file, and with that, I need to have curves in an orderly way on the mesh. This, so I can build a quality surface on top.

I think that the Grasshopper can solve this, but I don’t master the use of the tool. If anyone can help with this, I’ll be very grateful.

  • I receive the slt

  • I trace the base curves ]

  • I need ordered curves in a U and V, to build a surface, being able to change the quantity, but always using the stl as a base to keep the curves “glued”. as i need the result.

Attached image and example file of how I need the result.

Thank you very much for your understanding and help.

Curves on mesh.3dm (1.4 MB)

not sure I understand your problem correctly.

looking at your file, everything is there you need to build a good nurbs surface on top of the stl

all I did was selecting some of the pink curves that are coincident with the stl, closed them(they had little gaps!), rebuild them with degree 3 (polylines before) and created a network surface… looks pretty coincident with the STL original.

no grasshopper needed, imho.
Curves on mesh_dk.3dm (2.0 MB)

mesh to untrimmed surface V0.gh (1.2 MB)

What I sent, is just an example of what I need.
Imagine I don’t have these curves that are between the base and the top.
I need to get it correctly as in the example.
And yes, these example curves are good, the result of manual work.
I need to find a way to build the curves like the example, parametrically.

Quan Li
Can you make a video showing how to use it please?

This is a great solution! Could you share how you determine the number of degrees of the NURBS curve to use, for approximating each polyline curve? (e.g. simple curves with very few turns can be approximated with low number of control points, whereas curves with high number of turns need more.

Oh… it’s just a simple answer for community reply. But I guess…with more curves it will look more accurate?

Okay, thanks!