Curve order

Does Rhino have any way to organize curves into Construction order. These curves are imported into secondary software that needs order. Kind of along the idea of a CNC cutter head that cant jump all over the place.

Hi Dave- I think maybe there is a Rhinoscript out there - I’ll check my stash, or maybe @Helvetosaur made it? I cannot remember, but I’ll see if I have something.

@sierradays see if this does anything useful - it is ancient and not tested any time recently, but who knows…

Save, then drag and drop the revb file onto Rhino - that will add the alias


that should run just like a command.

SetCrvOrder (3).zip (1.7 KB)


Hi Pascal,

I’ll give it a try.



The surface-from-curve-network can be very challenging, but there a few simple rules that make it a lot easier. Your model just threw too many curves at the command, so check out my list and video

  • curves should be thought of as a ‘subset of isocurves’
  • curves are created in two directions, U and V.
  • each direction crosses the other at roughly 90°
  • each direction requires matching open OR closed curves, but not both closed
  • i.e. open + open, or closed + open, and NOT closed + closed
  • as always, keep the curves SIMPLE / minimal control points