Order intersection points according to intersection planes or surfaces

Hi all and happy holidays,

I have a question regarding data structure for matching interpolation points to their corresponding ‘parent intersection surface’. See attached file.

I have a set of curves intersected by a set of surfaces:

In order to make curves from intersection points right where surfaces are intersecting I have to use ‘cross reference’ (ONLY ‘upper triangle’ option) then ‘shift paths’ then ‘match tree’:

Is there a more elegant way of doing this? Tried the path mapper but it limits editability once I change original amounts of intersecting planes or curves.

Thanks in advance for your help.

intersectionproblem_01.gh (105.6 KB)

intersectionproblem_01_re.gh (109.6 KB)

IMO, you don’t have to use Cross Reference andMatch tree.

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Hi @corellaman,

It’s simply a matter of organising the trees in a simpler manner, by grafting and simplifying the right outputs.
In my opinion, there’s no need for cross-referencing and matching data trees in your example.

Happy holidays to you too. :santa:

intersectionproblem_02.gh (102.6 KB)

(I guess you were faster, @HS_Kim . Happy holidays to you, too.)

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many thanks HS_Kim

hhmm, thanks to you as well @diff-arch + @HS_Kim - the original model has the curves unflattened but I cannot recall if I ever hit simplify on the output intersections, though - most likely not - ironically (evidently) not needed as shown by @HS_Kim- did try pshift from intersections and totally forgot about flip matrix right after yet did use it only at the end - what a clown :clown_face: thanks for your time and the slap in the face!

Giving it a try tomorrow evening. Once again thanks + Enjoy the holiday!

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