Grasshopper Cross reference help

Hi everyone!

Thank you in advance for spending time to think about my problem

One of my script has 2 groups of curves and 4 planes.
I am trying to calculate all intersection points ( preferably I would like to have the results on 4 branches).
I am using holistic cross reference, but the results are only 3 groups of points instead of 4.

I have uploaded the GH script and a picture.

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Cross reference (7.1 KB)

with something like this you will get the intersection points branched by plane:

but consider that Planes are infinite, so each of those will intersect ALL your lines (and that is why for each plane -in each branch- you are getting 16 different intersection points)

Cross reference (11.5 KB)

if you want to get only the points that looks like intersecting each plane -visually, in your original image- I would create some planar surfaces over the planes, and use Surface|Line intersection (Surfaces are not infinite :+1: )

Cross reference (11.5 KB)

Thank you very much.

It solves the problem