Option box in File save dialog

Is there any method to add an option box to the file save dialog, so that the option control window will pop up when the user tries to save a file ( Just like when Rhino tries to save files in other formats)

You can’t change how the save-file dialog looks. There are two options though, one for saving to a file format that you write, the other is when the user saves to 3dm file.

  1. Writing to a file format: If you create a FileExportPlugIn, you have full control over what happens after the user has selected the file name. You can let the user select stuff, show an option window, etc. Use the WriteFile(string filename, int index, RhinoDoc doc, FileWriteOptions options) method to do this.

  2. If you subscribe to the Command.BeginCommand event, and look for the command names Save or SaveAs, you should be able to show an option control window prior to the 3dm file being saved (I have not tested this though).

Thank you for the reply. However, I could not find any members in CRhinoFileWriteOptions to enable the option button. Maybe I misunderstood your answer. Please find attached the two pictures.

second screenshot shows the option button. This is what I am after. Is it possible?

Thanks in advance

Hi @rajeev,

See the comments in rhinoSdkPlugIn.h for the CRhinoFileExportPlugIn::DisplayOptionsDialog virtual function

– Dale.

Thanks Dale, but could not find the function reference CRhinoFileExportPlugIn::DisplayOptionsDialog in rhinoSdkPlugin.h … I am sure that I am missing something simple … I will cross-check again…