FileWriteOptions Suppress Dialog

Hi all,

I have the following code:

                    new FileWriteOptions()
                        WriteSelectedObjectsOnly = true,
                        SuppressAllInput = true,
                        SuppressDialogBoxes = true

until recently this worked well and suppressed all dialogs, also those in the command bar.
However, after upgrading to the latest version of Rhino and RhinoCommon I get prompted in the command bar when exporting a file using this code. Is this expected or a bug? And how can I avoid being having to provide input in the command bar.

kind regards,


Hi @MichaelJoseph,

How are you running this code? From a plug-in command?

Can you provide me a code sample, that I can run here, that reproduces the behavior you describe?


– Dale

Hi Dale,

Sorry for getting back to you so late.
Im running this from within a Grasshopper component.
ill try and get a runnable example together.

Kind regards,