Optimize Cross Section - component and Cross Section Range Selector


Is it possible to set maximum width/height for cross sections by Element Identifier in Optimize Cross Section - component?

I would like to have BEAM_3 to have limited width, but BEAM_1 and BEAM_2 to have no limitations. With this configuration I have at the moment it doesn’t seem to work.

hi, you can create different cross section families for your different beam ids so that the optimisation has a limited number of cross sections to pick from.

Thank you Matthew for answering.

Is there a way to make this limitation dynamic? For example BEAM_3 size would be dependent on whatever size I have in BEAM_1 and BEAM_2 (after optimization) ? I would need to basically do the cross section optimization, deconstruct the optimized model and find the width for BEAM_1 and/or BEAM_2 and then use this value as a limit width for BEAM_3

You will need to set up the workflow yourself which should be quite manageable in Grasshopper

Now I got it. Problem occurs if I have any of those three beam identifier groups in the same cross section family. When I assign them all to different ones, the width limit starts working as intended :slight_smile: