Cross Section Optimization with multiple different Beam Ids

hello everyone !! am a beginner using grasshopper, I need help if it is possible !!!
I’m using Karamba for a project and I’m struggling with one thing: I’ve separated types of beam elements in 3 groups (diagonals, rings, and radials).
i want to set a cross-section for all the elements and then optimize each group separately, preferably the optimized cross-section will be similar for all the beams in each group.
is there any example similar to that?

thank u in advance!

Hi, if you want to optimise the elements in groups, you simply need to input the Beam Id in the GroupIds input in the Optimize Cross Section component. More information can be found on 3.6.8: Optimize Cross Section 🔷 - Karamba3D 2.2.0