Karamba3D - Cross Section Optimizer not Selecting all Available Shapes


There seems to be an issue with my “Optimize Cross Section Component” after I updated too the new version of Karamba (Version I am getting a warning message that is saying that there are cross-sections that need to be bigger than their biggest family member. However, when viewing the beam cross-sections in “Model View”, it looks like that Karamba is not checking all of the cross-sections that I am passing into the optimizer.

The W36x652 above was selected for the design of this beam. However, I am passing in W40’s and W44’s as well. Why isn’t Karamba selecting these sizes? Before the update, Karamaba was in fact choosing those sizes for this particular beam.


Hi, are you able to share your script so that we can try to take a deeper look into it.

My files are too large to upload here. Is there somewhere else I could do this?

Hi, you can send us an email and include a link to this forum post.

Hey Matt,

Just sent this over to info@karamba3d.com. Thanks for the help!