Opennurbs 7 compiling issues


I try to compile opennurbs 7 but I get the following error. Could anyone help me? Thanks

In file included from …/opennurbs_20121024/opennurbs.h(75),
from NURBS_.h(4),
from elementl.h(12),
from elementl.cpp(2):
…/opennurbs_20121024/opennurbs_quaternion.h(29): error: qualified name is not allowed static const ON_Quaternion J; // “j” = (0,0,1,0)

I get the error only for J variable but not for the other ones (I, K, …) which are defined in the same way.


Some more details are needed to begin diagnose this. Platform? Compiler? Version of compiler?

I am using Intel Compiler 2019.4, gcc 8.3 and openmpi 4.0.1 in compiling my solver. I compile it now with g++ and mpicxx.

Looks like Linux may not be supported out of the box, and compiling may need to involve editing the makefile. Have you tried to enforce the C++11 standard with the appropriate flag(s)? Fro the top of my head it may be --std=c++11 or something similar.

Compiling on Linux should work. We have had that for quite a long while already for rhino3dm which builds on OpenNURBS.

I use -std=c++17 in my project. Also, tried to compile opennurbs with c++17 or c++14 but the results were same. I compile opennurbs without any problem but when it is linking to my main project I get this error. I haven’t tried compiling opennurbs with -std=c++11. Could it be because of that?