OpenNest - Round Holes Cause Error

I’m just starting to use OpenNest, and I’ve noticed an issue. I’ve tried searching for it briefly, but haven’t found any results.

I’m trying to nest out some acrylic sheets for cutting. The sheets have holes for fasteners that I’m intending to cut on the CNC as well.

When the holes are round, I get OpenNest throwing an error:

  1. System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    at OpenNestLib.OpenNestUtil.BrepLoops(Brep B)
    at OpenNest.OpenNestFullComponentCleanUp.GooToOutlines(List`1 geo_)
    at OpenNest.OpenNestFullComponentCleanUp.SolveInstance(IGH_DataAccess DA)

If I rebuild the hole curves as 100-sided polygons, the error disappears.

I’m just using the same methodology as the example file in the latest download - curves to boundary surfaces, input into the Geo input. My Sheet input is just a rectangular polyline 96" x 48".

At the risk of sounding like Jerry Seinfeld, what’s the deal with round holes?

Acrylic Nesting (for OpenNest issues).3dm (972.6 KB)

Please watch video from Petras

Only outside need’s polyline, inner curves are transformed with boolean toggle.
ONIns (15.3 KB)

@eddi thanks for the help.

Also incase you would like to directly nest curves and rhino objects that are not polylines, you can use attached files.Nesting_Petras.3dm (376.3 KB) Nesting (39.2 KB)

We have to thank :wink: