OpenNest - control rotation of only certain parts?

I’ve just found the OpenNest plugin, and I’m pretty happy with the opportunity it presents. I’m just working on figuring it all out, though, and was wondering if there’s any way to restrict rotation on certain parts, or to specify a grain direction, for example? For the current job I’m working on, all the parts are MDF so it doesn’t particularly matter, but I can see future jobs being done in a laminate with a grain direction, and will need to be able to control that during nesting.

If you set set rotation to 2 or 1 solver will rotate part 360 or 180 degress, thus keeping your original polyline orientation, which inititially needs to be rotated according to your preferred orientation.


@Petras_Vestartas - many thanks for that solution - we’ll give that a try next time we’re nesting material with a grain direction.