Opening unsupported old cad program files

I’m new to the forum and I would expect this question’s likely been asked a few times. Anyway, 2 decades ago (I know) I was using an old cad program ( Xcad) for some guitar design work, running on windows 95!, it was a pain because it used a dongle on a parallel printer port to work. So things moved on I got Rhino.
Thing is I’d like to use some of the earlier files for reference but. xdw is not supported and there’s no parallel port for a dongle these days to open using the old program, if I could run it.
I just wondered if anyone out there had a similar problem and if they managed to sort a solution?


If I’m not mistaken Sescoi bought Xcad and rolled it into WorkNC about 15 years ago. I might be able to open those files for you. Send me a file tomorrow at and I’ll give it a try. I believe that file type is still supported. The extension looks really familiar.


Thanks for the info on Xcad and thats a kind offer Dan, thanksI’ll email a file through to that address,Dave

Hi Dave,

WorkNC will be able to open that file, but I will need a password. It looks like you saved the file with password protection. I’ve sent this request to your inbox as well.



For the record, WorkNC will open .xdw files created by the old Xcad program.