Improved openCL performance in cycles

i just stumbeld upon this tweet. it says that openCL performance in cycles will improve with blender 2.79. according to this it seems like openCL isn’t that far behind CUDA anymore. quite difficult to tell, because i only found this other graph where openCL seems to be 50% slower, worst case. i get the impression, with 2.79 it might roughly be on same level of performance? here i found more about further improvements and added features made to the upcomming cycles version. sounds like pretty good and promising news.

my question @nathanletwory :
when blender and cycles improve with a new release (especially 2.79), will those improvements find its way into cycles for rhino and its raytraced mode? if so, would improvements still find its way to rhino after rhino6 is not wip anymore?

@hitenter, I regularly sync out fork with upstream Cycles. Currently we have everything up to fifth of April this year. That means much of the OpenCL work is also in.

For Rhino 6 we’ll be updating where it makes sense, but Rhino WIP will always get the latest of the greatest. Once Rhino 6 is out there will naturally be a continuation of the WIP.


that sound great!

hope you’ll give us a hint as soon as those improvements from 2.79 have found their way to rhino-cycles :fireworks:

I try to communicate these kind of changes, but if you’re impatient you can always follow our fork activity or my overall publicly visible activity

nice, thanks again!