Open Specific Panels when launching Rhino through COM

I am working on an application that launches Rhino using Rhino5x64, opens a Rhino document, then opens Grasshopper, and loads a document there. My aim is to have the Grasshopper Remote Control Panel ensured to be open in Rhino so that I can hide the Grasshopper editor but still have the relevant controls and geometry previews available to the user. Any ideas? Thanks in advance…

@DavidRutten, does Grasshopper have a Rhino command that opens the remote control panel?

Hi Dale-

It does…however, I’d like to avoid having to call a script from the Grasshopper document if possible (and also, for reasons unknown, when calling these commands from GH and then hiding the GH editor, my Rhino was hanging (whereas if I left the GH editor open, it did not). I have implemented a workaround by making a simple plug-in for Rhino that ensures that the RCP is open, and is called through the COM…so it works fine…but it would be neat to have a more elegant solution . :smile:
By the way, I have just recently begun work developing rhino plug-ins, and have found your github repositories to be a fantastic resource. So many thanks for them!

The is the name of the Rhino command that open this panel?

Sorry, no…it’s: Grasshopper.Instances.ShowRemotePanel()