Open Rhino file when using Rhino5x64.Interface

After creating a Rhino Object like:

    Dim rhinoType As Type = Type.GetTypeFromProgID(rhino5x64)
    rhino5x64Int = Activator.CreateInstance(rhinoType)
End Try
If (rhino5x64Int Is Nothing) Then
    Exit Sub
End If
Const bailTime As Integer = 15 * 1000
Dim waitTime As Integer = 0
While (0 = rhino5x64Int.IsInitialized())
    waitTime += 100
    If (waitTime > bailTime) Then
        MsgBox("Rhino initialization failed")
        Exit Sub
    End If
End While

Make it visible and close it with the close button the process stays open in the windows task manager.
When I make it visible again it will have a black ViewPort and I can not open a file.
How can I open a new file when it has been closed?

HI @jordy1989,

Being that Rhino has shut down, there isn’t much you can do as your COM object is just hanging on by a thread.

About all you can is restart Rhino by reacquiring the Rhino object.

– Dale