Open multiple files

What’s the reason that you can’t open more than one file at a time in Rhino? I can have multiple drawings open in AutoCAD and work on more than one image in Photoshop for instance. Just curious.


You can open multiple instances of Rhino… Right click the icon.

It means you can have it on two screens too, without having to have it in the same window,


One of the reasons was if Rhino crashes, you lose only one of your open sessions… I am sure there is more to it though.


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If ever you used to use Excel 2007 and older versions it was a real pain to only be able to open multiple sheets in the same window - now you can run instances and have them on different monitors.

I think this way of working makes more sense

Isn’t that a bigger drain on computer resources though?

No, an inactive Rhino window doesn’t use much resources - except the RAM required for the file - which would also be the case with an MDI. --Mitch

you can use tydytabs to have similar

What are they? A plugin?