Multitasking - more than one file

Hello there,

Is it possible to open more than one file simultaneously in Rhino for Windows. Until now I have always to close one file to open another.

No. The Rhino approach to a user’s need for simultaneous work on multiple documents is to open multiple instances for Rhino.

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Hi @Daniel2

As AIW states, not pr. Rhino instance, but there is no problem in opening multiple instances of Rhino in order to work on multiple files, copy/paste back and forth etc. IIRC, the main reason for keeping each file in a separate instance of Rhino is to avoid loosing work if Rhino should crash. By running the files in separate instances, one can crash without affecting the others.

HTH, Jakob

I apologise if I do not understand the other answers (Dutch is my native language) but yes it is possible to open multiple files.

Just a thought… is it possible to assign specific CPU core to the Rhino instance? As for example let’s say I’d like to have 2 instances running and each running on specific core only. Is this possible?

Hi All
1.My quick way to open a 2nd Rhino Instance is to Middle Mouse Click on the current Rhino Icon in the Windows toolbar. This quickly opens a 2nd instance of Rhino.
2. As far as I know and have experienced Rhino runs mainly on a single core anyway and Windows will assign a core to Rhino on the fly based on all other processes present, but it will usually be on a different core for each instance until all cores used up. There is software which you can force Windows to use specific cores for each program or instance but I didn’t find much benefit to this… - Michael VS