Open dxf in fresh new installation of Rhino 5

Hello, forum!

Under a fresh new installation of Rhino on Windows if I try to open a dxf file from the command line I get an error as follow:

Command: -Open
Save changes to tmpv5.3dm? ( No Yes ): n
Name of the file to open ( UpdatePromptUpdateBlocks=Yes Browse ): “c:\users\lscandella\Desktop\r\dxf\0.dxf”
Opened AutoCAD file version Release 12.
Error converting file.

The problem is solved if I open a dxf file at least once through the user interface. In this case, in fact, the system fires this dialog:

which, I assume, stores my preferences somewhere.

Can I do anything to avoid this? Like write those parameters in some file just after Rhino installation or such? I tried to locate the proper records in .ini files, in the files under Appdata\roaming/etc and in the windows registry but I failed.

Livio Scandella

Hi Livio - just a guess at this point but this may be another case of the iCloud and locale problem discussed here -

the relevant bit may be this:

Hi Maurizio - the problem apparently comes from Windows shell extensions (if this is the same problem as the one I know about) - the one we’ve been able to identify here is iCloud for Windows, but there may be others. SR10 of Rhino should handle this better- the release candidate is available, you can get this if you set your Rhino Oprtions > Updates and Statistics to look for Service Release Candtidate updates.

If you get the release candidate and if indeed this is the problem, run the TestDecimalPoint command and see if that sorts anything out.



thanks. At the time apparently the SR10 is not available:


“Your installation of Rhino is the newest available.”

Same if I change “it-it” into “us-en” in the url

This may be due to the fact that I’m using an evaluation license from a virtual machine in order to keep my Rhino installation version at the same level of my clients. Or maybe it is available just as 32 bit version.

By the way, I don’t have any iCloud service in my real and virtual pcs. My locale is Italian on my pc and US English on the virtual.

Thanks. L