How to get open Brep to Surface?

Im new to GH and I really need help for a project. I need to get an open brep to a surface. After all of my attempts to loft a surface it keeps coming up as an open brep. If anyone can help me with this problem it would be greatly appreciated.

Also I tried exploding it into a bucnh of other surfaces but I really need it as one whole surface. If anyone can help me with that or have any information on how to put wholes in an open brep that would be greatly appreciated.

rebuild the loft curves so they don’t have any kinks
then loft

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How do I do that? I created and arched tube from two curves then lofted it and it still gives me the warning that its an open brep? I can show a picture if you would like to see it?

Pics are nice. Posting your code would be infinitely more useful.

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holes in (28.3 KB)

I was able to figure out how to get a trimmed surface but why am i not getting any holes in the surface?

You didn’t internalize your parameters.

How do I do that? I’m very new to GH and struggling a lot. I set the curves and point but it didnt give me anything. Is there something else that should be done differently with the script?I see the red wires after the divide section so it clearly has something to do with the input data to there

See #3:

You can use the ‘Internalise Data’ menu option to cut everything to the left of a parameter:

For you to have a look at it? I dont get what internalise data does. i just know on the script I created it isnt working after the divide domain. I made a new script and it isnt doing what its supposed to either. I just really dont get this program.

I internalized the surface component and it disconnected from my loft component, does that mean its not getting a good enough surface from my loft component?

Made another script and it looks like i could use it for y project but I cant render it because its negative on the z axis what flip component ot unit z component do i use to flip it back over

Those parameters (three ‘Crv’ and one ‘Pt’) probably referred to a Rhino file? So we must have that same Rhino file open for the code to work. Or you can “Internalize data” on each geometry parameter separately to copy the geometry into your Grasshopper file and disconnect from the Rhino file.

holes in (25.9 KB)
I internalize the data… Thank yo u so much for being so patient with me and helping me out so much. You honestly are helping me so much. I hope this works out for you. If there is anything else I should do just let me know, does the script look like it should create holes in a surface though?

holes in (28.7 KB)

The code is still broken. This is really asking a bit too much…

  • Why is the ‘Srf’ param internalized when it obviously comes from the ‘Loft’ component?
  • Why is the ‘Srf’ param reparameterized? (I can’t tell yet if there’s a valid reason for that?)
  • The ‘Divide Domain²’ component is failing because the ‘U’ and ‘V’ inputs are zero. They need to be integers. What you are giving them is the surface U and V dimensions (‘Dim’) divided by 100, so U=0.34842 (zero) and V=0.1993 (also zero). I can make it happy by plugging “10” into both inputs.
  • The ‘Pt’ parameter is not initialized. Don’t know what you want there? Tried using the origin (0,0,0) which make the code “work” but I really can’t see what you’re trying to do.
  • These circles don’t make any sense to me?

Really impossible to help with code like this.

I tried to follow a different code.

to get that. But all I’m getting is this

Loft surface (19.6 KB)

So you’ve got working code written by someone else and you can’t modify it?

I’m done here.

No! the whole point is to modify it but through my modifications i keep messing it up and not getting the desired effect. I took parts of different codes that someone provided and i spliced them together. And its through those im getting all these run time error and nothing is going the way i want. That last one was me trying to recreate that exact code but thats not even working.

I really dont understand GH and have been stressing out about this grade. I just really want to understand it and what im doing but with the teacher i haveits been near impossible. I learn more about it fromm people on the internet to be honest. My prof expects us to understand the whole thing and I really dont

Unless you have a basic grip on some of the core issues it will be very difficult to achieve anything with Grasshopper. Even understanding small networks will be tortuous if you don’t know about the various data types, or how data is structured into larger collections, or how these collections can be modified.

Grasshopper is basically programming and I can absolutely understand that it is not everyone’s cup of tea, or that it can be frustratingly difficult if not explained properly. This could be a problem with the quality or quantity of instruction you have received, or maybe you’re confused because you have some fundamental misconceptions about how you think it ought to work and nobody has figured out how to disabuse you of them.

Either way, it sounds like you have to talk to one of your teachers or alternatively read/watch some other instructional material. Some stuff has been collated here, but I do not know what to recommend for total entry-level instruction.

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