Wish / proposal : ArcCen OSnap

Hi all

When building a model, I often work with simple rectangular planar faces and circular shapes.

When I try to snap to a border of a planar face, Rhino keeps jumping to its center ( from the Cen OSnap ),
but what I’m usually trying to do is simply snapping to the edge ( Near OSnap )

I can turn off the Cen OSnap, but by doing that I loose the ability to snap to arcs centers, thing that I often have to do also.

I think that an ‘Arc Center’ OSnap might solve this problem (turning off the Cen OSnap),
I mean something that snaps to centers of circular arcs, but not to centers of other shapes.
This would allow us to snap to arcs and circles centers, but also to snap to edges of (non circular) planar faces at the same time.

… Or is there already a way to get this behavior ? :slight_smile:



I cannot agree more. I have Center Osnap turned off all the time and I turn it on when I need to snap to an arc or circle center, which is a pain.
Center Osnap seems also to be very strong overruling others which makes it even worse.

So yes, I second your wish!

Yes. Center Osnap used to be a useful feature that could be left on all the time. Now, it is just a menace that needs to be turned off all the time and turned on when you need to find the center of an arc or circle.

Definitely. Much in the same way that the multi-function point osnap was painful when one had meshes as it also snapped to mesh vertices, so the vertex snap finally got separated out (well at least partially, it still snaps to extrusion vertices which is also bad IMO). Polygon ‘center’ snap should be differentiated from arc/circle center snap.

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This is something I have been posting about now and then since V3… It’s extremely frustrating! The strength of the overlapping osnaps is one of the most irritating (failing) features of Rhino (‘cen’ is the worst of the bunch)! I got tired of complaining as it seems like McNeel either don’t care (not likely) or it’s a difficult problem - or it never made it to the top of the list and somehow have been forgotten… It’s however a thing that is a major PITA - and you stumble upon it every day…! The problem also got worse with the introduction of ‘smart track.’ I really hope we finally could get some improvement to the behaviour of overlapping osnaps.

I could post my list (again) in what order I personally would like to have the overlapping osnaps reacting. I also suggested in the past that the strength would be user configurable (if we can’t agree on the strength order) - but I don’t think McNeel (Mikko?) like the idea - but something would have to be done. I’m fighting with this basic feature every day. Not he way it should be.

Ok, I’ll shut up now - for another year.
Sorry for this negative posting - I’m just so extremely frustrated about this ‘malfunctioning’ feature…


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Hi all - got that, thanks



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Thank you, Pascal !

And thank you all for supporting this wish. :slight_smile:


Yes, when possible, configurability is the best option IMO.
( I believe we would now agree on that order … :slight_smile: )

Sorry … it should have been :
( I believe we would not agree on that order … :slight_smile: )

Yeah i agree, i actually just started a new topic on it. i searched first but i didn’t use the term arc…

I just don’t understand the polygon center snap anyway, it doesn’t have a center point, it has an area centroid, and that command already exists. i also do not understand and quite frankly hate the “solid” vs “polysurface” they are the same just do away with the solid thing, go back to how it was in 1, 2, 3, and even 4…

I extrude a box… first thing i do is explode, shrink, and join. now I’m where i want to be… maybe there is an option for this.

If I understood correctly, try running UseExtrusions and setting the output to Polysurfaces…

And I thought it was just me that felt bullied my the Cen Snap…

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This surely is a problem, but I’ve dealt with it for years now by simply having the centre snap turned off in the auto window, & run from a F key.
I just press the (F11) key when I want that snap.
It’s quick, easy & accurate.


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