Online backup service - any recommendations?

I was wondering what kind of online backup services you are using. There is too much to choose from and I have no clue what to look out for, so recommendations are appreciated, thanks

Hi @Gijs
I’m using OwnCloud for some years now and I’m happy with it.
Most web hosting providers have a some kind of free account.

Thanks, Is this a backup service? Because it looks like a data sharing solution? What I am looking for is cloud backup for 5+ tb. Is this possible at owncloud?

For file versioning in tb range I’ve used tortoise svn, but I’m not sure if this is state of the art now.
Edit: Maybe you can explain a bit more detailed what you are trying to do.

I have my local backup and want to also make a cloud backup. Alternative is to have two local backups at two locations but I prefer a solution I don’t have to maintain myself. So it is to backup my NAS that is backing up my work pc.

Hi @Gijs ,

I use OwnCloud as an online backup for big binary files (like for example .3DM) and Git for code (with versioning). Primary purpose is to avoid the loss of work/data. OwnCloud works automatically in the background and I use it also to synchronize active data on all my computers. Occasionally I share some directories with a co-worker but project file-sharing is usually a separate service. However, I use online backups only for files I’m actually working with and not to archive closed projects.

If you need 5+ tb for an online archive you may look for “cold storage”.

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@Jess thanks, this is helpful, I’ll look into that