Best cloud services for Teams working on single rhino files?


Over the years we have tried nearly all of them, but currently, are using none. Does anyone love Drive, Box, Dropbox, something else for a cloud-synching service? This is really desirable for those of us who work from home or on a laptop periodically throughout the day and can’t easily connect to a corporate server.


Having a line of business in the area of secure collaboration I’d recommend extending your search past cloud based solutions. I continue to have a problem with the afterthought toward security the vast majority of cloud providers take. You can’t really have a very secure solution based upon a browser, if your content is what you make your money with it needs to be protected as a valuable asset.

that’s an intense answer. I work at Airbnb and we have corporate accounts that are quite secure.

Any one else have experience with these services?


I’m a bit unclear of your objective. Are you suggesting placing Airbnb data outside a perimeter to offer easier access to that information?

No, I’m looking for a way for us all to easily access rhino files even we are not at work. You know a cloud service. the normal way. We aren’t developing a product just designign the offices, not making the next iphone over here.


I understand, here is some food for thought.

You’ve indicated who you work for, how you value data, others you work with that have similar views about data. You’ve made yourself, your team, and Airbnb a bit more visible. It could be your data is of little salable value, but you and your teams value as a conduit may be significantly higher.

In short, you’ve put a great deal of information out into the public that is probably better left unsaid.

I’m an open book man, Instagram, LinkedIn, facebook etc. I have long since passed the point of being worried that I might reveal who I work for online.

Tech companies all over the world use cloud storage systems internally to shared data, there are only a few of these that exist reliably at corporate scale: box, dropbox, drive. Hardly a revelation. All tech companies find value data greatly, also not a revelation.

Most companies are sharing video assets, adobe files, code, mock-ups on these services, not rhino files. I was hoping for some advice on what works well with our special format.


Problem is you’re still making statements on a public forum showing your lack of experience on the subject. Try not to make yourself, your team, your employer such an easy mark, that’s my point.