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For many years I used internal Windows backup program to backup contents of my SSD drive on external hard disk. I could not use this method when I placed bigger SSD drive in the ultrabay of my ThinkPad laptop. On-line reviews praised Acronis True Image backup program, so I bought this program. It was big mistake because its maker (Acronis International GmbH) behaves like evil empire. A few days ago I experimented with free version of Macrium Reflect backup program (called Macrium Reflect Free). I liked it, so I bought commercial version called Macrium Reflect 8 Home Edition. I wonder whether there are other good, inexpensive backup programs suitable for private use.

video tutorials about Macrium Reflect 8:

Macrium forum:

basic info for beginners:

Macrium Reflect 8 Home Edition: Macrium Software | Home Edition

For years I use Paragon Hard Disk Manager. I find it pretty easy to use and very reliable

For personal/ work data. I always use cloud back up like (Google drive, Dropbox, onedrive or icloud) it gives you redundancy and off-site backup so you are not screwed in case of a fire or a natural disaster

Is this an ad?

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Feels like it :rofl:

You should not pontificate about something you know nothing about. How much time have you spent using Macrium Reflect? Have you looked at its video tutorials and its forum? Do you have any specific, technical arguments?

Dude, most of your posts are written like ads. This isn’t Facebook or Reddit, no one comes here to read posts about random products people might find interesting.

I mean, good for you moving on from Windows Backup, please let us know when you fully upgrade your backup procedures from the sort of setup I had 20 years ago.

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I use Acronis True Image. It has always done what I want, was inexpensive and I’ve had no trouble with an “evil empire”. I guess the Force must be with me.


JimCarruthers lied about me and abused me in this forum for many years. I proved that he lied, but he never apologized. Every time JimCarruthers responds to my posts he writes nothing but insults. No facts, no arguments, just insults.

It seems that Acronis is getting out of the backup business. If you want a backup program, you have pay annual subscription for anti-virus program, whether you need it or not. Acronis forum is very buggy and difficult to use. I used Acronis backup for two years, but I was always confused by its interface. Every time I made small mistake, the Acronis files became corrupted and useless. Macrium Reflect looks much more natural to me. I also like the ability to use its dark interface.

Hi Andrew,

I bought Acronis True Image in 2019 for a one-off payment. I have not had to buy any of the newer releases. I have not had to pay any subscription. The program still works and indeed I have just downloaded an update from Acronis so they are still actively supporting the old release.

This is not to knock Macrium, which I understand to be a similarly competent tool, but to present an alternative experience of Acronis to the one you depict.


Try to upgrade it.