OneDrive + Google Drive on the same machine?

Sorry for the off topic of Rhino but… trying to make sense out of the integration of Windows 10 into my computing ecosystem. All Win 7x64 pro now with Office 2007 and Google Drive working well. New Surface Book laptop forcing the question of Win 10 integration.
My Google Drive has folders shared with different clients and hosted through different accounts. Office 365 seems an attractive upgrade as I migrate to Win 10 throughout. OneNote can replace Evernote it would seem… but I can’t abandon Google Drive so I would need to run it beside OneDrive for full Office 365 functional benefits. Anyone doing that now? What are the pot holes like? Any performance issues?


I am a Google Drive user and I have a Surface pro for testing and portability. I don’t use Office tools at all. Google Docs does everything I want and more. I haven’t messed with One Drive either.

Sorry I’m not more help.

Hi Robb - I have them both, it seems to work OK.


Thanks guys… I’ll be curious to hear what others have to say.

I am tied to office by some client needs and I’m thinking it is time to get current… with Office 365.


I used Onedrive for business for a few months because I didn’t want to spend the extra for Dropbox, they’re both more than I need space wise for the paid versions. Onedrive for business was nothing but trouble, it kept on getting sync errors and using lots of resources, to the point it was slowing the whole system down. Long story short I paid up for Dropbox, I’ve never had any problems and it just work so much better. The Onedrive that’s installed with Windows 8 and 10 seems to work OK but I would not recommend the business version.