Curves and Extruded Curves Question

I am new to Rhino Mac and have a question about curves/extruded curves-

Is there a reason that Rhino keeps the original curve when extruding from that curve? Say I draw a square and then extrude it into a cube, why does Rhino keep the original curve?

I can’t figure out why in work flow I would need to keep both but would love to hear reasons why it is good to keep both. I would also like to know if there is there a way to turn this feature off if it’s not actually useful


Set DeleteInput=Yes in the command options.

However, I don’t recommend doing this systematically. I can’t count the number of times I have needed the original curves that generated a surface object. So keep them on another layer and turn that layer off if you don’t want to see/use them.

Plus, there will be other Rhino surface creation commands that don’t have a delete option. You can always hit the Delete button, but as you advance, you will probably find out from personal experience that this is not a good workflow.

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I use the extrude command a lot, and I make a habit of deleting the original curves. I find it easy enough to recreate those curves with DupFaceBorder when needed.


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