ON_NurbsSurface::PointAt() problem

ON_3dPoint point = srf.PointAt(double u = srf.Domain(0).Max(), double v = srf.Domain(1).Max()); not a point of a figure always. how to calculate max, min v for current u?

Depends on the surface. If its trimmed the point could be outside the trimmed surface. You have to check if u/v is within the trimmed area.

how it check?

ON_3dPoint point = srf.PointAt(srf.Domain(0).Max(), srf.Domain(1).Max());

Please help me, I use
for (double u = NSF->Domain(0).Min(); u <= NSF->Domain(0).Max(); u+=uadd)
for (double v = NSF->Domain(1).Min(); v <= NSF->Domain(1).Max(); v+=vadd, )
ON_3dPoint point = srf.PointAt(u,v);
how to check if u/v is within the trimmed area?

Hi @vadvirus1997,

Surfaces are not trimmed. Breps, however, can have trimmed faces.

– Dale