On intuitivity of UI



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…yeah if the modeling work is planar surfaces, extrusions and cilinders. A parametric MCAD package is the way to go.

Can someone please make a video of how different software handle something with a bit of complexity, ergonomic needs and visual appeal? Like this mouse many of us here use and love:



Well, that term was introduced by steff, so I wanted to know what it could mean. After all, intuitive use is a measurable quality when assessing various user experience paradigms.


How do you measure it?


Well, I ment it in the way what comes natural. And, of course, this differs from what the software is used for. Like the most frequent actions on a software should be accessible the easiest way. So. For me, if I have an idea for a surface, let’s say, which I sculpt, I need tons of view changes. And that’s made easy from Rhino. So it’s intuitive for me.
Another guy wants to input an engine. And has a list of 112 numeric inputs, as the size of all components is well known. He needs an easy way to input these numbers, if possible, visualized in it’s correlations, and so, his feeling of what’s natural (next) to him accessible is another one.

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I believe this is still a subjective matter. Expectancy, assumptions, preferences and all that what guides behavior impact our perception on what we believe is the right way.

In my opinion a good interface is one that enables the user. That does not mean there can’t be a learning curve, but once the offered paradigms are known the user should be able to complete tasks as efficiently as possible.

I was very much accustomed to a mouse&shortcut workflow in a highly adaptable, configurable and well-thought environment. For a long time the Rhino UI felt alien and inconvenient. Only after realizing the power of the command-line and the way commands work did it open up.


Well, that’s easy going in Creo or Catia as well. As for what comes “natural” to one or another, remember that nature is a hellishly diverse beast ; )


I’m still working through this; my main software is Adobe/Autodesk based, all shortcuts reprogrammed to left hand so I can keep right hand on mouse. Releasing the mouse to type i’m Still working hard to avoid… but perhaps I’m making it harder myself and I should give up on left-handing all my non-mouse inputs?


I agree. Who would think under a christmas tree of Kindersoldaten. Yet, both so natural…


Sorry, but are you deranged?


No man. Just 65. And having seen such a bunch of natural. Don’t be offended. The world s’got thunder left enough, that I can’t steel. I was making your point of (very) different naturals…


Nope, he’s just Steff… the poet of the Rhino newsgroup/forum. Steff has been around for longer than I have, that is to say like nearly 20 years… @steff It’s always good to see you back in here after all this time…!

I’ll be joining that group myself in the very near future. :older_man:


Me too…



Cool, I feel very young now.
Thank you :grinning:


I think Steff’s point is valid in showing the abstract nature of the idea of what is intuitive. Some kids expect ipads and ipods under the Christmas tree, and others expect a shiny new AK-47.

Of course, it’s quite within the realm of possibility that I missed the point completely. Wouldn’t be the first time! :smile:


Thanks man Mitch! That welcome feels good! Yup. You know, for some reason I believe the Rhino user group being of an IQ over average. I hope noone wants to proof me otherwise;-) So I decided to peep around again a bit, as in these days and time, it’s getting harder to see wittiness at work. I believe this not being an illusion, as the politicians I see in almost all the countries are so much below standard of what one would think needed as prerequisites in character and personality, that it is hard to avoid despair. The only type of character I see exhibit predominantly is a hardcore criminal with a poker face. Or a babbling one. But this observations of course are actually OT in this forum. So what I am missing most here at the moment is a rubric ‘OT’:wink:


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There is always the Meta category for that (:

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I agree that “intuitive” depends primarily on previous experience. But there are good and bad interfaces. Anyone have experience with the early versions of BMW’s iDrive system?


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I almost poked the like button for the first time.