Omniverse, USD and MDL?

2017 screenshot representation of an independent developer complexity modeling 3D assets.

Omniverse, USD and MDL integration state of the art?

I do not know If I’m going to use
Export USD:
but looks interesting to use it in the union with
So MDL integration will be needed.

Reasons: I paint using Substance Painter but at the same time I make changes in my Rhino model. And probably this synchronization in realtime let me make more editions. Unreal and Unity now accept Pixar USD


We are aware of the technology, but no tangible plans at the moment.

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It would be interesting to support this format now that blender supports it.


Any tangible plan?
So at this point we import to Omnivers via FBX Rhino and form there we export USD.

Because NVIDIA is pushing us “clients” via email to drive sales by claiming

"One of the key breakthroughs Omniverse achieves is the ability to move among Autodesk Revit, McNeel Rhino or Trimble SketchUp with just one click. "

And I really need a tangible workflow

We are working with everyone trying to get this to work the best we can. Part of the problem right now is that the technologies are changing every few months. So we will continue to try and work with everyone. Much of the work is being done by the developers that actually own the tech:

And I would guess every couple months there will be updates to this list. We will continue to support all our partners here.

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