Old 'Roadkill' icon

Anyone know where to find the cat with the x’s for eyes?

This one ?


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Yeah Clement, that looks like the one, thanks! The tire tracks are a nice touch. David (Rutten) has quite an imagination.

Hi @Joseph_Culbert,

i like the icon too. It is used for the _Smash command in the Surface Tools toolbar.


Dang, it was there all along! Thanks Clement.

We have 2 much loved cats here.
But we live at a calm road, and I very hope to never find them like this.


We have two as well, both of them adopted street cats. We definitely keep them inside when the farmers are mowing grass around the house.


Wasn’t it you who made the roadkill icon?

Same in here.
The younger one has a job in my office, she is not afraid of a Rhino.
Her mother is retired.


Best Buddies! Who knew?


I was saying to myself “don’t do it man”, but I couldn’t help it, so here it is.

The one on the right, my wife and daughter purchased him from a kitty mill from Northern Ontario and they had to drive 250 miles each way through one of the biggest snow storms they had ever seen.

The one on the left was adopted by my daughter from the Toronto Humane Society while just a 3 weeks old. He had pneumonia and a broken skull. It cost us a few thousand dollars in medical bills to fix him up.

Could there be a connection between Rhino and felines as Joseph’ picture suggests? I just don’t know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They’re all so adorable!

Here’s ours. My wife brought him home as her birthday gift… without prior notice…
Many thanks to her (^^)


Sorry to resurrect this thread.

If I upload a picture of my cat, can I get back the original icon for SMASH?
I couldn’t find a discussion around this topic, but I find difficult to believe that it doesn’t exist already.

Roadkill icon


:sweat_smile: ufff rabbit hole coming. Answers that lead to more questions.

  1. While making custom icons in Rhino8, is it possible to import images that are not SVG?
  2. Should I make the SVG version for the community? No problem!!
  3. There is something wrong with the Rhino editor… it is like the drawing spaces is displaced (image attached).

You won’t belive this, but the issue with the icon editor seems to depend on the icon you are editing. Some of them work perfectly, others is impossible to draw a line. :man_shrugging:

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