Old GH site search engine


This was super useful, cheers Amir.


Is there any news regarding this issue? Was just trying to dig up an old post to answer a question posted on my Comment Wall. Didn’t manage to until I recalled Amir’s search solution (posted here in the thread).


Thank you again for this. So much more useful than the “Search Grasshopper” sidebar feature now at the old Ning site ( http://www.grasshopper3d.com ). Would like to see that get fixed.

(Andy Vanmater) #28

I have nothing to add in terms of meaningful help but I wanted to plant my flag in the “totally against this” camp. I am having similar issues finding anything of value.

One major bonus of the “bad” search engine from the grasshopper3d website was that you find things you didn’t know you needed to find. Grasshopper is really open ended and while it would have been nice to sort by date you learn terms and see topics that are tangential to what you’re looking for and in a lot of cases help you discover a solution.

There must be a way to recover some of the old forum posts. There is a decade of knowledge that I’m hoping we don’t simply wipe away to look just like dynamo


useful as fuck[


agreed this is one of the most annoying things to happen. Now when searching for GH related stuff I cannot find anything because it mostly displays rhino only results not even related to GH at all

Need the old forum!

Holy shit I’m back home :stuck_out_tongue:


You can also use DuckDuckGo as a search engine and get only results from the old forum. Just put in for example “site:http://www.grasshopper3d.com/forum humanui” in duckduckgo.com.

That way you get good search, but without the ads and tracking from Google :wink:

(Scott Davidson) #33

Allright, I implemented a new search engine on the grasshopper3d.com website. Please give it a try.

The index at this point looks at all the Mcneel.com information we have including developer information and the old Grasshopper forum.

Adding the “site:grasshopper3d.com” also works with the new engine.

Does it give better results?


Yes, much better, thank you.


it is the same ¬¬’

the best option:


(Scott Davidson) #36

What search term are you using?


I mean I’m not have knowledge as developer if I search something in gh3D is cause I hope find something about grasshopper just in extreme cases I could use some codes about python or c# ( I’m starting with c# :smile: ) so ,does no matter what term I use always I’ll see a lot of info not necessary .for me and vice versa.

but fortunately this link works perfectly.


Have all the photos and files gone from the original forum?

(David Rutten) #39

Seem to all be there, except for Nik Wilmore’s stuff which got removed when his account was suspended.


@scottd was just trying to dig up another one of my old posts, and remembered that this was/is still a rather significant issue. Did you get a chance to add the discussions menu overview and/or feed back to our personal pages?

Edit: Using Amir’s custom search method above, I managed to find my personal discussions page (using my name as the search string). So, at least one seems to be able to get to it, again.

(Scott Davidson) #41

The new search engine seems to find it too if you type in your name.


Ah I see. It doesn’t seem to work for other user’s name strings though (here’s Daniel Piker for instance). Amir’s custom Google search does though (on my system/cookies at least). Anywho, either way, those are not really solutions that replace having the discussions menu item back on the user profile (unless they’re reliable and everyone knows about them i.e. to search to find all discussions by a specific user).

(Scott Davidson) #43

Daniel Piker’s profile page comes up for me on the search. But it is the Ning Profile.

The new discourse profile is too new to climb up the search index. For instance Daniel’s page is: https://discourse.mcneel.com/u/danielpiker/summary

I will monitor this and see what happens over time.


Right, his profile page does:

But not his discussions page, which (again) is what we’re asking to be reinstated to the personal profile pages (as per my first post on this topic above). For reference here’s what happens on searching my name:

Again, what we’re asking specifically here is to have the Discussions menu point on the personal profile pages back (why was it even removed in the first place?), such that we have access to a complete and chronological overview of our old discussions on the Grasshopper Ning forum.