Grasshopper line code suggestions for milling machine

Good afternoon, we would like to recreate a similar line to the one shown below and create with it an interesting result by repetition. We would like to use a milling machine to achieve this, as this line is going to be the path followed by the drill. Could you help us with the grasshopper code we need to generate this result? Any code suggestion to create another interesting line? Thank you so much

Hello, mister Pep
What do you want something to simulate the milling machine or to program it ?
Did you make a basic search on internet on this subject ? There are plenty of discussion on G-Code, milling, … plugins (Silkworm …) and there are also softwares for this (RhinoCam …).

I want to do a line with a code of grasshopper, but an interesting shape and interesting code.
For the class i need to do the code of the line with grasshopper. Thanks.

Maybe you first need to find out for yourself what you want to produce.
Just to make a bunch of lines with grasshopper might not be too difficult.
If it’s for school maybe a real simple approch is good enough.
Second would be: do you want to make a real 3d milling? Or is 2.5 d o.k?
Third: I would look into G-Code first. The tool path is generally made from lines and arcs. So if your toolpath is made from these items you can quite easy translate into G-code. Back in the old days when there was no CAD or CAM we learned to program like this at school by using hand drawn drawings. . But we still can input toolpath directly on our Milling Center today either via GUI or directly.